Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Rocker Re-do

I love a great deal, and it even more!  :)  I got this cute little rocker from a friend - and yes it has seen its better days.  But, it's nothing a little sanding, some compound, and spray paint can't fix!  I did however run into some problems last week that kept me from getting this easy project done sooner...rain and humidity.

I started this little project with a light sanding using a fine grit (220) sand paper - a little extra sanding on the armrests.  Finished just in time!  The rain started to fall during this picture.  After this shot, it’s in the house to wipe this little rocker down with a damp cloth.

Some Spackle to fill nail holes and imperfections, another light sanding (only on the spackled areas) and another wipe with a damp cloth.

Now it's all ready to paint!  Spray one light coat, let it dry, then a second (or more if you have to – mine took three), and it's all done!  There maybe even a little cushion later to finish it off.  The Princess is going to love it!

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