Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weathered Crate Stands

Finally!  What I did with those 4 square blocks & 4 paint sticks...take a look!

I started off with four 4"x4"x ¾"  wood blocks a friend gave me and four paint sticks (all free). 

I sawed off the ends of the paint sticks just below the indention and lightly sanded the cut ends.  I also lightly sanded all the cut sides of the wood blocks.   

I painted one set of the blocks & paint sticks yellow and the other white.  The first coat of paint is what will show through the cracks of the top coat of paint.   

Once the base coat of paint dried, I brushed on a cackle medium,  let it dry for a minute, then brushed on the top coat of paint.  Be sure to follow the directions on the crackle medium and don’t over brush it.

Once all the pieces were dry I added the sheet music to the ends of one set of blocks.  I did not crackle the side the sheet music is adhered to.  This you can find how to do on a previous post at

Tacked it all together.

Hot glued a flower on to each end.

And both weathered crate stands are done! 

The cost...only $1.00 for the the flowers bought at a dollar store.  The wood was free,
the paint and crackle I had!  :)

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  1. I'm impressed. I was just thinking the other day of a craft to do with paint sticks. This may work well. Thanks for being a follower. Have to return the favor. :)